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Dave Vaughan Swingtet

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The swingtet was the result of two old boys from London (Dave Vaughan and Ian Emby) wanting to play the music that excited them in the sixties. That music had infectious energy and some “scary” moments, all of which we try to generate in our performances. We keep our program varied, although remaining traditional. The inclusion of Dorine de Wit to the band, who is someone I have worked with for several years, has given us the opportunity to widen our repertoire and further entertain our audiences.

We look forward to meeting you at the festival. Dave Vaughan.

Band Members
Dave Vaughan - Clarinet and sax

Dorine de Wit - Banjo and vocals

Ian Emby - Guitar

Mike Sayers - Double bass

Colin Mitchel - Piano

Brian Clark - Drums

Sample of our music

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