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Jeff Barnhart's
International Swing Quartet

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When Jeff Barnhart stormed the Bude Jazz Festival in 1993 with the stunning Hot Cat Jazz Band from the US, little did he or anyone else know that appearance would begin a lifelong love affair with himself and England.


Is it the beer?  The fish and chips?  The Right to Roam? The abundant opportunities to play the music of the 20’s-40’s he so loves?  Likely all of these, but above them all are the firm and lasting friendships he has made with so many musos and punters.  He’s thrilled to share with his adopted country this stunning quartet comprised of great mates John Hallam on reeds, Graham Smith on percussion and Jeff’s amazingly talented wife, Anne Barnhart (herself a veteran of the UK jazz stage for 20+ years) on flute and vocals.  The fireworks fly as Anne and John flaunt facile fingering and florid filigrees, all while swinging mightily!


Fasten your seatbelts!

Band Members

Sample of our music

Almost Like Being In Love
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