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John Maddocks

John Maddocks Jazz Men.jpg

John Maddocks has been leading bands since 1963, initially in London where he helped to form the Blackbottom Stompers, and eventually his Jazzmen when he moved to Dorset in 1972. The band has featured many musicians over the years but has John's very distinctive clarinet style, resulting in the overall sound remaining constant. The band continues to feature good arrangements, infrequently heard tunes, and plays in the energetic style for which the band has become renowned.

Band Members
John Maddocks – Clarinet and Saxophones
Tom Connor - Trumpet
Chris Gower – Trombone
Keith Durston – Piano
Peter McCurrie – Bass and Tuba
Kevin Scott – Banjo and Guitar
Pete Lay – Drums

Sample of our music

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