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John Shillito's
Riviera Ramblers 

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The Riviera Ramblers are a Devon - based 5 piece band playing music from the great jazz and swing era of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. And they play it with a lot of spirit and musical skill!


Trumpet, clarinet, alto sax, 2 guitars and a double bass are the instruments that make most of the sounds, but you’ll also hear the occasional tones of the banjo and zippy percussion of the washboard; and there are excellent vocals (female and male) too. The Ramblers have an extensive repertoire of tunes which have stood the test of many decades and become “classics” of their own kind. All are played with excellent musicianship and with warmth and enthusiasm that make them sound as fresh as the day they were written. You’ll hear music that connects with New Orleans, Harlem and Paris and with some of the great names of jazz - Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt and many more. Enjoy songs with exquisite melodies and captivating lyrics, played with a swing that makes you want to dance.


Popular performers at jazz clubs and festivals, the Riviera Ramblers also have several long-standing pub and restaurant residencies and provide excellent, atmospheric music for commercial promotions, weddings, private parties and celebrations. The Riviera Ramblers make any occasion an excellent musical and social event. You’ll leave with a smile on your face, a swing in your step and a host of memorable tunes going round and round your head; and you’ll soon understand that this is.... Not just your ordinary jazzband!

Band Members

The Riviera Ramblers were born about 5 years ago, out of John Shillito’s Select 4.
Zoe Lambeth replaced the late Ken Rennison on reeds when he was forced to retire due to ill-health.

Dale Whitlock changed the Four into a quintet when he came along to join his dad (John Whitlock) because he wanted to learn more about the “older” styles of jazz. His love of the music of Django Reinhardt immediately added a Parisian “Hot Club” feel to the drummer-less rhythm section.

The double bass playing of Pete Furnish had been the excellent cornerstone of the Select 4 and also John Shillito’s six piece band, and continues the role in the Riviera Ramblers. As well as delighting the ear with her fluent phrasing and beautiful clarinet tone, Zoe Lambeth is also a charming vocalist with a repertoire of romantic and fun songs.

John Whitlock fulfils the rhythm guitar role in the Ramblers, but he is well-known as a virtuoso performer on the banjo and his talents as player and composer are featured in the band’s performances.

Trumpeter/leader John Shillito will be celebrating his 84 th birthday a few days after this Festival. His love affair with jazz and the trumpet began over 70 years and continues undiminished.

Sample of our music

Minor SwingRiviera Ramblers
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Between the Devil And The Deep Blue SeaRiviera Ramblers
00:00 / 04:38
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