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Stan Allen & Friends

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The “band” is specific to just Bude Jazz festival:

STAN ALLEN (me) AND FRIENDS as it’s name implies the “band” can be anyone……basically it’s a jam session.

However, I do have a handful of regular friends, namely JUDY LODGE (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Alto Sax) Anne Hunt (Alto Sax).  This year we will also be joined by Malcolm Hogarth (Piano) and Izzy Toner (Double Bass)   Apart from the above it’s anyone's guess who will be there.

I firmly believe that if anyone has an instrument but doesn’t get chance to play with a band (perhaps not good enough or unable to do so, ) now is their opportunity to play with others.

It’s normally great fun and is well received. 

We’re outside The Falcon 10am to 12 every day of the festival.

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