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Cool jazz, swing and blues from first-class musicians based in the South of England.

Sonic Jazz Project is an experienced vocals-led jazz band who perform high quality jazz, swing and blues throughout the South and South-West of England. For an evening of sophisticated music that will have your toes tapping, Sonic Jazz Project will surpass your expectations.

If you are looking for a quality live jazz band, you’ve come to the right place.

Sonic Jazz Project perform well-loved jazz standards, swing and a few modern songs given a jazz arrangement. They are available as a trio, quartet or quintet with vocals, piano, double bass, percussion and saxophone. The bigger the line-up, the fuller the sound. All are well-established musicians with a wealth of musical experience to draw on. When they are together on stage, they make for a fantastic night’s entertainment as the energy flows back and forth between them!

Band Members
Sonia McLean - Vocals
Tom Quirke - Piano
Chris Jones - Double bass
Ashley James - Percussion
Sarah Wearne McDonagh - Saxophone / Flute

Sample of our music

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