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The Jake Leg Jug Band

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The Jake Leg Jug Band bring you the authentic sounds of 1920's and 30's America - Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Ragtime - and put their own twist on it. Songs of murder, betrayal, gambling, liquor and redemption.

Signing to one of the UK's most prestigious Jazz labels ‘Lake Records’ they recorded albums as part of the 'Vintage Recording Project' essentially recording all live around ribbon microphones, as it would have been back in the 1930’s. Four albums released in five years; ‘Cotton Mouth’, ‘Next Stop!’ ‘Everythin's Jake’ and ‘Break a Leg’ all met with rave reviews;

"A masterpiece of nostalgic music. The band display real virtuosity and create a wonderful sound that will be hard for any other band to repeat"  Folk North West

"Expert musicianship and great arrangements....highly recommended"  Just Jazz

"Instrumental virtuosity. Very enjoyable, very listenable"  Blues & Rhythm

"A wonderful album. Expert musicianship and superb arrangements"  Fatea

"Good time music from a good-time group"  The Jazz Rag

The band followed up with 'Fifth Avenue', their debut release for the Green Bullet record label in late 2018.


"Pick any track at random and prepare to be entertained "  RnR

"Swinging like a barn door in a Texas breeze, the album shows the tightness of a band that have spent many years on the road"  Fatea​

"A fine feast of good-timing jug band music, blues, vintage jazz and hokum with a nicely humorous attitude "  Blues News (Norway)

January 2020 saw the release of album number 6, 'Goodbye Booze' which commemorated 100 years since the start of the American prohibition, again released on the Green Bullet label and in 2021 the album saw i's vinyl release on Coastal Light Records.

“The band mesh together like a well-oiled machine. Smokin’!”  Spiral Earth​

“Pretty damn good! There isn’t a weak number on the album”  Blues Matters​​

“This time around the five piece is augmented by several guests but the sound remains as joyous as ever. There is not a poor track on the album”  R 'n' R

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the band and will see the release of their first ever live album. 

Band Members

JLJB Band Members.webp

Duncan Wilcox (Vocals & Double Bass)

Neil Hulse (Vocals & Guitar)

Liam Ward (Vocals, Harmonica & Jug)

Bryony-Rose (Vocals & Washboard)

Jack Tasker (Vocals, Banjo & Mandolin)

Alex Clarke (Clarinet & Saxophone)


Sample of our music

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